About Us
The Junk Guys was formed in 2005 by brothers-in-law Matt, Maurice and Weston after doing a home remodeling project. The three Guys tried to find a company that provided full service junk removal to haul away all the construction debris that had piled up, but had no luck. After making countless trips, paying extensive fees, and time consuming waits in line at the local landfill, they decided that if they were looking for this service then others would be too. Matt, Maurice and Weston created a company that provides Full Service Junk and Rubbish removal with loading, clean-up and hauling, but with 100% Customer Satisfaction and a Worry Free and Labor Free experience!
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"Exceptionally nice people, professional, and fair. They worked very quickly and efficiently-by far exceeding my expectations. It was my extreme pleasure to meet and deal with this group and I would give them my highest recommendations."
         R. Walsh
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