Flooring is one of the simplest parts of any home, often over-convoluted and inflated to look like the most intimidating. The Junk Guys cut through the nonsense. And as a family owned, Phoenix junk removal company, we make sure our professionally trained junk removal employees are only sent into your homes if we would send them into ours.

Because our customers are our lifeblood, their satisfaction is at the top of the list in everything we do.

why might you need TOP TILE REMOVAL IN PHOENIX?

Whether finally replacing a tile floor you’ve never liked since move-in day or adding market value to a house before it’s sold, professionally removing old tile is the first step to home flooring upgrades that can add serious beauty, livability, and value. And it’s easy to put off.

The internet abounds with do-it-yourself guides that suggest hours of backbreaking labor a professional could do in half the time. Each company offers the cleanest, fastest service. You’re not alone if you’re one of the hundreds of property and home owners leaving tile removal off to the next year, and the next year, and the next.

The Junk Guys keep it clean and expert quality. We know tile, and know how to leave any floor underneath intact and prepared for its next upgrade, without leaving extra work for the next guy. We get in, get out, and leave your subfloor clean and ready


Finding the right source for tile removal in Phoenix can be a little like finding the right doctor in a hospital: It’s not the availability that matters, it’s finding someone you can trust. And yes, we understand that trusting a junk removal service with your home or building is a little like trusting a surgeon with your body.

That’s why we put our employees to the test. Every worker for the Junk Guys is required to know how to start and finish the job without extra worry or hassle for you, and every employee goes in trained, uniformed, and held to high standards of honesty and professionalism. If any aspect of the work becomes unclear to you, or if you find yourself with any last minute worries, always feel free to ask any one of our employees for clarification or give us a call at 602-788-5965. Our customers are our business, and your satisfaction is our reputation. That means your concerns, and your convenience, are all that count.

healthier & CLEANER full-service tile removal

Full-service means we’ll start with what you’ve got, and leave you no odds and ends to wrap up. That means the Junk Guys are ready to find or create the starting point in any kind of tile, remove as much as you need, and haul away our tile scrap and dust when we’re done.

100% customer satisfaction means 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed. If you need more junk hauled off of your floor to make your tile accessible, the Junk Guys can cover that in the same trip—just let us know before we get there and we’ll inform our team. And if you have any questions about your specific flooring, give us a call and we’ll make sure our team is informed. Whatever your needs, we aren’t satisfied until we’ve provided hassle free, end to end service, leaving your space clean and you satisfied.

SCHEDULE OUR fast & safe tile removal service today

Booking with the Junk Guys is easy. For your convenience, we offer two ways to get it done:

Book online here in minutes, to leave all your information in one place without so much as picking up a phone. Or—

Give us a call at 602-788-5965 if you prefer to talk, and let us fill out the tile removal in Phoenix scheduling forms for you.

Either way, the Junk Guys can build an appointment around your schedule. We’ll get in, remove your tile, and haul it out in one job.

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